LineRate AAR+


Providing utilities with FERC compliant Ambient Adjusted Ratings while maintaining system reliability.

LineRate AAR+

Pending action at FERC is directing US electric utilities to implement enhanced line ratings such as AAR or DLR on an aggressive timetable.

LineVision has developed LineRate AAR+ in consultation with our utility clients as an investment to comply with FERC’s proposed rulemaking and upgrade the safety and reliability of your grid.

LineVision, the global industry leader for advanced line ratings, is able to rapidly provide our utility partners with enhanced Ambient Adjusted Ratings in accordance with FERC’s pending Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking and NERC FAC-008-3 standards.

By combining a limited number of non-contact field sensors in critical locations, LineRate AAR+ provides highly accurate Ambient Adjusted Ratings.


Driven by local ambient temperature measurements and enhanced with additional field sensor data.

LineRate AAR+ Overview

  • Non-contact sensors with local temperature measurements installed at critical locations
  • Secure, automated AAR+ ratings delivered to SCADA/EMS
  • Ten-day forecasts with up-to-date AAR+ values updated hourly, or more frequently

Utility Grade Reliability

LineVision’s AAR+ seamlessly provides utilities with FERC compliance while taking conservative utility approaches to reduce risk by building in multiple layers of security and redundancy.