CIGRE US National Committee 2018 Grid of the Future Symposium: An Analysis on the Economic Impacts of Dynamic Line Ratings on a Congested Transmission Line in Southwest Power Pool

In December 20, 2017, LineVision, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and American Electric Power (AEP) entered into a Three-Party Research Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement to work together on a transmission line monitoring and dynamic line rating (DLR) project to study the possible economic, operational, and reliability improvements that DLR technologies offer. The primary question to be addressed was how much financial benefit might DLR provide if it were able to impart a reduction on system congestion. On February 1st, 2018 a LineVision V2 transmission line monitoring and dynamic line rating system was installed under the 161kV Siloam Springs – Siloam Springs City transmission line in AEP’s Arkansas service territory. On three separate days in March 2018, the monitored transmission line experienced congestion in the real-time market and was binding and/or breached for multiple intervals totaling 300 minutes. During these times, the LineVision monitoring system was computing the transmission line’s true transfer capacity as determined by DLR, which was above the line’s static operating limit during all of these times. SPP performed an economic study and ran a duplicate instance of their five minute market (Real Time Balancing Market) using the DLR values to determine what the financial impact would have been if the DLR had been used in lieu of the line’s static rating. The results showed that the market savings from the reduction in congestion could have been up to $18,000 during this period.