Pipeline Owners & Operators

LineVision PACT™ offers proven real-time monitoring of alternating-current (AC) power flows for optimal corrosion modeling accuracy and pipeline crew safety.

Helping Corrosion Engineers Understand AC Interference

Pipeline operators face the growing challenge of protecting their assets and personnel from the risks of AC interference. Accurate power flow data from overhead lines is an essential input to produce high quality AC models and protection system designs. This data can be difficult to obtain and doesn’t provide a complete picture of the AC power flow dynamics.

Services offered as part of our PACT solution include:

  • AC Study Support
  • Ongoing Monitoring

“The accuracy of AC interference studies and the effectiveness of the resulting mitigation program design are directly related to the timeliness and quality of the input data. We incorporated PACT data in our IRIS and V-PIMS AC modeling system and see this as a valuable and additional method for validating the effectiveness of existing AC mitigation and monitoring the on-going AC corrosion and safety risks.”

– Christophe Baeté

Manager of Corrosion Engineering at Elsyca

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PACT Monitoring Services

PACT Monitoring Services Provide:

  • Improved accuracy when performing AC Interference Studies
  • Continuous inputs to pipeline integrity management software platforms
  • Real-time alerts to field crews when power flows change, increasing step and touch voltage potential risk
  • Turnkey solution with remote data collection and web access, eliminating the need for field visits

PACT Features

Ground- based, non-contact remote monitors.
No specialized installation equipment required.

Turnkey Service Includes:

  • Patented AC power flow monitor
  • Installation on Pipeline RoW
  • Full hardware warranty and software license
  • Secure web data portal
  • Data integration with leading corrosion modeling solutions

Data Provided

AC Power line flows

  • Amps
  • Watts
  • VARs
  • Power factor

Magnetic field strength

  • bH (horizontal)
  • bV (vertical)
  • Phasing information report
  • Configurable alerts

PACT Data Portal


  • Cloud platform to access data from any device, anywhere
  • Dashboard view offers a snapshot of all information
  • Interactive map makes it easy to navigate between sites
  • Configurable alerts for notification when line loading reaches thresholds which pose step and touch risk to field crews
  • Export information in .CSV format

PACT Solutions

Request a custom consultation today to evaluate how LineVision PACT services can increase the accuracy of your AC interference studies, reduce cost and increase effectiveness of mitigation systems, and enhance field crew safety.