David Yoon

Full Stack Developer

As a full stack software developer, David works on both the front and back ends of LineVision’s web application. His main responsibility is to create, test, and implement features on the client-facing portal. He accomplishes this by working with the development, data and product teams to take a feature all the way from conception and turning it into a finished product.

Prior to joining LineVision, David had been working as a learning & development specialist in South Korea, where he was part of a team whose mission was to revolutionize smart learning. David honed his programming chops by attending App Academy’s web development program.

David is currently living in Louisville, Kentucky. He used to be an avid gamer, even becoming an amateur pro-gamer, until he put down his mouse and picked up his first child. Nowadays, he doesn’t have much free time but when he does, he enjoys the outdoors.

David Yoon
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