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LineVision works with electric utilities and pipeline operators to deploy advanced sensors and analytics that improve the reliability, capacity and safety of their power line and pipeline assets.

Electric Utilities

LineVision’s overhead line monitoring technologies provide utilities with unprecedented visibility and accuracy on critical parameters to improve the reliability, capacity and safety of their lines. Learn about how the V3 system modules can help you.

Pipeline Owners

LineVision’s PACT offers pipeline operators valuable insights into the sources of AC interference which can cause accelerated pipeline corrosion. Learn how LineVision’s PACT solution can help you.

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Key pillars of our turnkey systems include:

Non-Contact Sensors
LineVision provides the industry’s only non-contact overhead line monitoring solution, with simplified installation, increased flexibility, and lower costs than traditional conductor-mounted systems.
Cloud-Based Analytics (Digital Twin)
LineVision leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to detect anomalies indicative of risk to asset health or public safety.
End-to-End Security
We are committed to leveraging industry standards and best practices to keep lines and data secure.

LineVision Partnerships

LineVision is proud to partner with the following organizations to advance our mission of building a cleaner, more reliable and more flexible power grid.


An introduction to LineVision’s V3 monitoring technology and the applications for electric utilities
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Introducing the LineHealth Asset Health Model on Thursday, July 18 at 12PM ET
CIGRE US National Committee 2019 Grid of the Future Symposium: Transmission Line Conductor Asset Health Assessment with Non-Contact Monitoring Technology