LineVision Signs Channel Partnership in Australia

Written by: Hudson Gilmer | June 18, 2019
LineVision Signs Channel Partnership in Australia

LineVision is excited to announce that we have signed a new channel partnership. Flexity, serving the electric utilities of Australia, will help us deploy our overhead line monitoring systems in this international market and is a strong addition to our growing global network of partners, which spans Europe, Asia, the Americas, and now Australia. Our expanding channel partner network demonstrates the common challenges driving demand for advanced overhead line monitoring technology on electric grids around the world.

Our applicability in this country stems from many of the same issues faced in the United States. Australia has made substantial progress in decarbonizing its electricity sectors with high penetration of wind and solar, but with increased deployment of renewables comes new challenges around reliability, congestion and curtailments. This dynamic has created a strong need for solutions that are able to supply overhead line operators with the data they need to make the speedy, informed decisions required to maximize clean sources of electricity while ensuring reliability.

In addition to reliability, Australia is also struggling with grid safety issues. The combination of high penetration of renewables and a sparsely populated landscape means grid operators rely on vast networks of overhead lines to deliver power, posing risk of bush fires in the country’s vast interior. With rising temperatures and more frequent fires, grid operators are seeking greater situational awareness of their grid. The LineVision team had the opportunity to hear directly about these challenges from many Australian utility professionals at the California Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit in March of 2019.

In the shift from a centralized grid dependent on fossil-fired generation to a dynamic, distributed energy system with high levels of wind and solar, it is essential to have partners with boots on the ground equipped to handle the complexity of local markets and navigate energy regulations. Flexity’s expertise in new technology deployments with local utilities will help leverage Australia’s progressive policies promoting innovative projects by providing financial incentives for utilities to improve the utilization of existing grid assets.

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We asked our new partner for their perspective on the challenges faced by utilities and grid operators in the country.


“The penetration of renewable energy in Australia is currently only at 15% of our electricity supply, but is rapidly growing. In common with other progressive nations, the Australian grid is seeing the growth of energy storage and other technologies focused on managing the performance of the transmission network as the energy profile evolves from centralised synchronous baseload generation towards more distributed non-synchronous energy resources. Advanced transmission technology such as LineVision’s V3 system helps to optimize existing infrastructure to manage the changing power transmission constraints, achieve increased throughput capacity, and help Australian utilities to improve the reliability, longevity, and safety of the grid.” — Nick Yates, Commercial Director, Flexity Pty Ltd.


While the operation and structure of electric grids can differ widely around the world, there are universal challenges facing grid operators that can be addressed with overhead line monitoring. We’re looking forward to continuing our conversation with utility executives and grid operators in Australia to better understand their day-to-day challenges and bring LineVision’s technology to the region to be a part of the solution. Flexity will be an integral part of those conversations. 

Interested in learning more about how LineVision can improve grid reliability, capacity and safety in Australia? Get in touch with LineVision’s sales team.

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