Three energy startups to watch in 2021

Three energy startups to watch in 2021

From panel coatings to power line monitoring and a meter collar that could save homeowners up to $2,000 on a solar installation, Daniel Goldman of Clean Energy Ventures highlights companies that he thinks will break through in 2021.

The success of an industry is driven by innovation and the renewable energy industry is no different.

That’s why the 30-plus major corporations that released a call for the Biden Administration to implement national policies that will position the country to transition to a zero-carbon power sector emphasized the need for increased funding for federal energy research, development, and demonstration of clean energy technologies.

Daniel Goldman 

Thus far, much of the work that has been done to fund cleantech innovation has come from the private sector and venture capital firms. One firm, Clean Energy Ventures, thinks 2021 will be a landmark year for technologies coming out of the lab and toward commercialization.

pv magazine USA sat down virtually with Daniel Goldman, Clean Energy Ventures’ co-founder and managing director, to discuss three startups that he expects to make significant waves in the market.