LineVision Statement on FERC Ruling to Improve Transmission Line Ratings


LineVision Statement on FERC Ruling to Improve Transmission Line Ratings

Today’s unanimous Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ruling to require transmission providers to implement advanced line ratings on power lines is a significant step forward in securing the future of the grid and ensuring we are able to achieve our climate goals. The ruling, which would also require Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators to establish procedures necessary to accept Dynamic Line Ratings – the most advanced type of ratings for power lines – will help to dramatically accelerate an urgent renewable energy transition.

By many estimates, we have a 10-15 year window to address climate change before the most serious consequences affect our world. We simply can’t meet our critical renewable energy goals without utilizing all available tools and technologies to enhance our existing transmission grid.

According to a recent study, with the implementation of immediately deployable technologies like dynamic line ratings, we can double the integration of renewables on the existing grid while creating tens of thousands of clean energy jobs. We are pleased that FERC has recognized the importance of grid enhancing technologies to our energy transition and in ensuring a more versatile and resilient grid. We applaud commissioners for their unanimous vote today.

LineVision looks forward to participating in the new docket focused on Dynamic Line Ratings and continuing to work alongside our utility partners to enable their use of advanced line ratings.

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Colin Mahoney