AES and LineVision Release Results of Study Assessing Largest Single Deployment of Dynamic Line Ratings in the US

Study Paves the Way for Efficient Transmission Capacity, Renewable Integration and Grid Reliability

BOSTON, Mass., April 15, 2024 - The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) and LineVision, Inc., announced today they have published a case study related to the ongoing demonstration project from the largest single deployment of Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) in the United States. This milestone deployment, announced last year, represents a major step forward in assessing the potential of Grid-Enhancing Technologies (GETs) to increase transmission capacity and integrate renewable power generation on the grid.

As part of the joint project, LineVision installed its patented non-contact sensors on transmission structures owned by AES’ utilities in Indiana and Ohio. The deployment project, outlined in a comprehensive case study here, highlights the collaborative efforts of LineVision and AES in selecting diverse transmission lines and enhancing DLR technology for various grid contexts. Early learnings from the project underscore the potential for DLR to revolutionize real-time monitoring, improving grid operations and strategic investment in assets.

"Our collaboration with AES marks a significant milestone in advancing grid modernization efforts across the United States," said Hudson Gilmer, CEO of LineVision. "By deploying DLR technology, we are empowering utilities like AES to maximize the efficiency and reliability of their grid infrastructure while minimizing costs and environmental impact."

"As stewards of energy, we are committed to exploring technologies that enhance the efficiency of the grid and ensure safe and reliable power for our customers," added Alexina Jackson, VP of Strategic Development, AES. "The deployment of LineVision's DLR technology on our grid also provides valuable insights for planning and operations of the increasingly digital grid."

Moving forward, LineVision and AES are dedicated to sharing further insights from the deployment project to encourage the acceleration of DLR adoption throughout the US. By leveraging the combined expertise of both organizations, the aim is to drive innovation, enhance grid resilience, protect affordability to pave the way for a cleaner energy future.

For more information about LineVision and AES' collaboration and the deployment of DLR technology, read the case study.

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