Introducing LineVision LUX™: ‍The Industry’s Only Non-Contact Sensor 

Introducing LineVision LUX™:

The Industry’s Only Non-Contact Sensor 

As the world transitions to new, utility-scale, and distributed clean energy sources, innovation is key to ensuring a reliable and resilient power grid. LineVision, the leading provider of Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) and advanced transmission line monitoring solutions, is setting a new standard with the introduction of LineVision LUX™: the industry’s only non-contact sensor.

By mounting to transmission towers rather than to live wires, LineVision LUX delivers the safest and most comprehensive monitoring and analytics available. LineVision is transforming the way power lines are monitored, opening up a realm of possibilities for increased grid capacity, enhanced grid reliability, and streamlined operations. This article covers the critical importance of non-contact sensors and explores how LineVision is leading this transformation.

Dynamic Line Ratings: Sensors + Methodologies = Data Validity

With demands on grid capacity rapidly increasing and timelines for new transmission construction stretching further into the future, utilities are turning to Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs) such as Dynamic Line Ratings to increase capacity of existing infrastructure. When it comes to the electric grid, safety and reliability are paramount. DLR enables the safe loading of transmission lines based on real-world environmental and mechanical characteristics, and the way that data is collected can have a dramatic impact on the validity of the rating delivered.

Operational Efficiency and Unparalleled Safety

LineVison LUX is installed on the lower third of lattice towers or monopoles using patented mounting brackets and hand tools. This means line crews can quickly install the sensor without any scheduled outages, saving time, logistical hassle, and operational cost for grid operators. With plug-and-play wiring, a modularized assembly, and a securely latching enclosure, LineVision LUX offers a hassle-free setup, reducing complexities and optimizing installation efficiency. Installation of LUX is far safer than sensors that mount directly to the conductor, which require expensive installation equipment, helicopters, hot sticks, and line outages and pose significant health safety risk for personnel.

Highest Reliability 

LineVision’s non-contact sensors ensure the highest reliability in transmission line monitoring. With its LiDAR sensor, LineVision LUX can monitor all phases of power, even bundled conductors, with just one sensor. LineVision LUX is installed at precise intervals along targeted transmission segments and continuously informs and validates LineVision’s proprietary data models. With a long lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiPO4) battery that is continuously charged by an integrated 100W photovoltaic solar panel, the LineVision LUX platform is built to last, providing uninterrupted data collection and precise real-time insights. This reliability is crucial for utilities to manage grid capacity, rapidly detect potential issues, and proactively address maintenance needs, ultimately improving grid capacity and performance. 

Pioneering Compliance and Industry Standards

LineVision's non-contact sensor technology not only leads the way in operational efficiency, safety, and reliability but also upholds industry standards. The company's commitment to excellence is showcased through its adherence to stringent quality management practices, meeting ISO certification requirements with ISO 9001 certified manufacturing, and ISO 27001 compliant data integration.

Furthermore, LineVision has achieved conformity certifications in North America (FCC), and is pending certifications in additional global regions. These certifications demonstrate LineVision's dedication to meeting the highest standards of performance, safety, and reliability. By meeting or exceeding industry standards, LineVision ensures that utilities can integrate its industry-leading technology seamlessly into their operations.

Non-contact sensor technology is revolutionizing transmission line monitoring, and with the introduction of LUX, LineVision stands at the forefront of this transformative technology. By prioritizing safety, reliability, and operational efficiency, LineVision's non-contact sensors provide utilities with unprecedented advantages in transmission line monitoring. With enhanced safety for line crews, improved reliability for uninterrupted data collection, and streamlined operations through easy installation, LineVision is driving the power industry towards a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future. As the importance of non-contact sensors continues to gain prominence, LineVision's innovation paves the way for a paradigm shift in transmission line monitoring, ultimately ensuring a robust and resilient power grid for generations to come.