LineVision and National Grid Win Joint Award for Digital Innovation

LineVision and National Grid Win Joint Award for Digital Innovation

The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) recognized LineVision's efforts with National Grid to modernize the grid by awarding the Eason Award for Digital Innovation

LONDON, Feb. 8, 2023 -- LineVision, the world's only provider of non-contact overhead power line monitoring systems, announced today that its grid enhancing technology work with National Grid in the United Kingdom was awarded the Eason Award for Digital Innovation by the IAM.

According to IAM, the Eason Award for Digital Innovation honors "innovative advancements in asset management in the face of current challenges, and …good asset management principles in adapting to new technologies, advancements in digital capabilities, and meeting competitive, digital business and/or consumer trends." IAM outlines that the award is for "those who are on the cutting edge of asset management innovation and are pioneers or early adopters of new methods, theories, and tools."

John Gallagher, Sales Director, LineVision and Nicolas Gould, SO-TO Optimisation Engineer, National Grid accept the Eason Award for Digital Innovation

In the face of increased power demand and a transition to renewable energy, National Grid partnered with LineVision to install overhead sensors and Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology on its electricity transmission network in the North of England that will expand the capacity of its existing overhead power lines. The sensors will continuously monitor the lines while applying advanced analytics to calculate DLR, arming National Grid with real-time data on the condition of the network which will allow the utility to increase power carrying limits. The DLR is determined by a power line's physical and electrical properties, such as size, resistance and maximum safe operating temperature, as well as the local weather conditions.

"We are honored to have been recognized, along with National Grid, for this important work," said Hudson Gilmer, CEO of LineVision. "By many estimates, we need to double the size of our power grid to meet the demands of electrification and the energy transition to renewables. And while we need to build new transmission, we don't have the luxury of waiting the many years that process will consume. LineVision can help utilities like National Grid accelerate a path to a net-zero power grid."

About LineVision

LineVision provides electric utilities with the real-time monitoring and analytics needed to accelerate the net zero grid. LineVision's patented non-contact sensors collect critical information to unlock additional capacity on existing lines, provide insight into conductor health, and detect anomalies and risks. LineVision's platform is rapidly deployed at scale without the need for scheduled outages, live line work, or specialized installation equipment. LineVision is helping our utility partners around the world lead the energy transition by increasing the capacity, resilience, and safety of the grid. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.