LineVision Joins currENT Trade Association As Founding Member

Organization aims to “climate proof” Europe’s Power Grid

Schipol, Netherlands – June 25, 2020 — – LineVision, Inc., a provider of solutions to monitor, optimize and protect the world’s critical energy delivery infrastructure, has joined currENT, a new European energy trade association as a founding member.

Initiated by some of the world’s most innovative grid technology companies, currENT is focused on decarbonization through the use of innovative technology solutions for the European power grid.

“We are honored to be a founding member of currENT, which will work to ensure innovative grid technologies like LineVision play a key role in accelerating the European energy transition,” said Alex Houghtaling, Vice President, Electric Utility Sales at LineVision. “We need innovative thinkers who see that the path forward is in embracing new solutions, and we think currENT is a great vehicle to move policymakers along that path.”

European and global power grids face a wide array of challenges with aging power lines, aggressive renewable generation targets, resiliency challenges due to a warming planet with increasingly severe weather events, and shrinking government budgets due to the recent economic downturn. To meet these challenges, leading European utilities will need to harness innovative new grid technologies to make their grids more efficient, flexible and resilient. Power networks – both transmission and distributions – must become even stronger enablers and accelerators of the energy transition.

“Renewable-based electricity solutions can meet, by 2050, more than 70% of our total energy needs,” said currENT’s chair, Suzanne Nies. “To make the ‘can do’ a ‘will do’ we need powerful, climate-proof power grids. And as Europe continues to lead the way in the energy transition, and the implementation of COP 21, the European Green Deal and Clean Energy Package continue at pace, a group who can join the conversation and offer game-changing solutions is critically important.”

The new trade association has called on policy makers to prioritize climate proofing Europe’s power network. It recently delivered seven key recommendations to representatives from the European Parliament – enabling a framework to support the uptake of new, innovative solutions in Europe’s power networks:

  1. Align regulation with European long term (2050) energy, climate and social policy
  2. Accelerate near-term investments that future-proof and strengthen the resilience of power grids
  3. Optimize existing grids and build new ones where needed
  4. Use social cost benefit analysis when assessing power network investments
  5. Increase transparency in network development and operational procedures
  6. Opt for an output-based regulatory approach, and incentives and obligations for license holders to trial and implement new technologies
  7. Develop a structured, transparent, and collaborative approach to qualification of innovative solution

The association’s launch is timely as important energy regulation will be updated in 2020 and currENT will share its recommendations for these updates.

About currENT
currENT is the voice of innovative grid technology companies operating in Europe. currENT was founded by a group of leading energy technology companies who collectively saw a need for a strong, unified voice for businesses developing and supplying next-generation technologies – businesses set to take Europe’s power network to the next level, and significantly shape the energy industry’s future.

About LineVision
LineVision empowers electric utilities and pipeline operators with information and tools to transform their infrastructure into dynamic, optimized assets. Through our non-contact monitoring sensors and sophisticated cloud-based analytics, our customers can gain real-time situational awareness of overhead lines, detect anomalies to take immediate action, and optimize energy delivery assets to extend lifespan and plan for the future.