LineVision Joins WIRES

LineVision Joins WIRES

Collaboration Aims to Drive Investment and Innovation in Grid Modernization

BOSTON, MA July 19, 2023 - LineVision is proud to announce that it has joined WIRES, a non-profit trade association committed to promoting investment in needed and beneficial electric transmission infrastructure to advance the North American electric grid. As global leaders in overhead line monitoring, LineVision's commitment to enhancing the capacity, resilience, and safety of the grid fully aligns with WIRES’ mission to eliminate barriers to transmission development and to advocate for well-planned infrastructure investment. 

"Joining WIRES is a natural fit for LineVision’s core mission,” said Hudson Gilmer, Chief Executive Officer of LineVision. “We look forward to working within this important organization to advocate for policies and funding to ensure the transmission grid is an enabler of and not an obstacle to the energy transition.”

As a member of WIRES, LineVision will continue to promote the importance of grid modernization, create awareness about the unique challenges the industry faces, and foster a collaborative environment to overcome these challenges alongside WIRES’ utility members. Together, LineVision and WIRES will work to drive investment and innovation in the grid's infrastructure, making significant strides towards a net zero grid.

"We are thrilled to welcome LineVision to WIRES,” said WIRES Executive Director Larry Gasteiger. “Their cutting-edge technology and commitment to grid safety and resilience makes them an ideal addition to our organization. We look forward to working together to advance WIRES’ collective vision for a modern and efficient grid."

About LineVision 

LineVision provides electric utilities with the real-time monitoring and analytics needed to accelerate the net-zero grid. LineVision’s patented non-contact sensors collect critical information to unlock additional capacity on existing lines, provide insight into conductor health, and detect anomalies and risks. LineVision’s platform is rapidly deployed at scale without the need for scheduled outages, live line work, or specialized installation equipment. LineVision is helping our utility partners around the world lead the energy transition by increasing the capacity, resilience, and safety of the grid. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  


WIRES is a non-profit trade association of investor-, publicly-, and cooperatively owned transmission providers, transmission customers, regional grid managers, and equipment and service companies. WIRES promotes investment in electric transmission and progressive state and federal policies that advance energy markets, economic efficiency, and consumer and environmental benefits through development of electric power infrastructure. For more information, visit

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