LineVision & New York Transco Collaborate on Efficiency, Resilience & Health of New Clean Energy Transmission Line in the Hudson Valley

HUDSON, N.Y. and BOSTON, MASS. [October 12, 2023] - New York Transco ("NY Transco"), a leading developer, owner, and operator of electric transmission solutions in New York, and LineVision, a global leader in overhead line monitoring, today announced the deployment of LineVision's advanced non-contact overhead line monitoring system on NY Transco's recently energized New York Energy Solution (NYES) electric transmission project. 

The NYES project is a 54-mile modernization of a 1930’s-era transmission corridor with new modern, storm-resilient monopoles and several new and improved electric substations to relieve congestion and facilitate the flow of clean energy to homes and businesses in furtherance of New York State’s goals. Following the Project’s energization, LineVision’s technology was incorporated into strategic sections of the new NYES assets. The deployment of LineVision’s technology to NYES is an innovation to further ensure the efficiency, resilience, and health of this critical grid infrastructure.

This integration of LineVision’s technology into the NYES represents a milestone for their patented grid enhancing technology with the installation of the monitoring system on new overhead lines. LineVision’s technology will provide NY Transco with real-time situational awareness and rapid alerting if anomalies are occurring with the conductor’s performance. Monitoring newly constructed transmission lines provides value for multiple aspects of the asset across its lifecycle. The use of this technology uniquely allows the operators monitoring NYES to track all phases of power with a single monitoring system that accomplishes dynamic line ratings and greater visibility of the asset’s behavior.

This will give NY Transco visibility and accuracy on the transmission line’s crucial parameters, ensuring the new transmission lines are operating at maximum efficiency and capacity. 

LineVision’s technology will also enhance the energy reliability and resilience of the NYES transmission lines in the face of increasing instances of extreme weather events by monitoring conductor health, analyzing the impact of extreme weather and high-temperature cycling events, and generating revised safe operating limits.

LineVision’s Chief Product Officer, Jonathan Marmillo, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We’re thrilled to work with New York Transco to advance our mission to bolster grid infrastructure. The deployment of our innovative overhead line monitoring technology on the NYES transmission lines will set a new standard for visibility, efficiency, and safety in electricity transmission.

Paul Haering, Vice President of Capital Investments for NY Transco said, "Working with LineVision will advance our mission to deliver innovative and efficient electric transmission solutions that advance clean energy and best serve customers. The application of LineVision's advanced technology on the recently energized New York Energy Solution represents our proactive approach in identifying and addressing potential energy delivery challenges to maintain asset reliability."

About LineVision 

LineVision provides electric utilities with the real-time monitoring and analytics needed to accelerate the net-zero grid. LineVision’s patented non-contact sensors collect critical information to unlock additional capacity on existing lines, provide insight into conductor health, and detect anomalies and risks. LineVision’s platform is rapidly deployed at scale without the need for scheduled outages, live line work, or specialized installation equipment and can improve the capacity of existing transmission lines by more than 40%. LineVision is helping our utility partners around the world lead the energy transition by increasing the capacity, resilience, and safety of the grid. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

About New York Transco 

New York Transco (NY Transco) is a New York-based owner, operator and developer of bulk electric transmission facilities with a mission to safely and efficiently deliver innovative electric transmission solutions that advance clean energy to best serve customers, communities and the environment. NY Transco is owned by subsidiaries of Con Edison, National Grid, Avangrid, and CH Energy Group. Completed projects include Ramapo to Rock Tavern, Frasers-Coopers Corners and Staten Island Unbottling. Current projects include the New York Energy Solution in the Hudson Valley, the Rock Tavern to Sugarloaf Project in Orange County, and the Dover Station Project in Dover, NY. NY Transco is in the early phases of Propel NY Energy, a collaboration with the New York Power Authority that will build out the transmission backbone on Long Island and across parts of New York City and Westchester County. For more information, visit