LineVision Selected as Finalist in for 2023 Platts Global Energy Award

BOSTON, MASS. [October 25, 2023] - LineVision, the world’s leading provider of Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) solutions for electric utilities, is honored to announce its selection as a finalist for the 2023 Platts Global Energy Award in the Grid Edge category.

In a time where the electric grid faces significant obstacles on the path to decarbonization, this nomination acknowledges LineVision’s significant contribution to increasing grid capacity, enhancing resilience and safety, and improving asset management and reliability — all while facilitating a rapid transition to renewable energy sources.

“LineVision's recognition as a finalist in the prestigious Platts Global Energy Award is a momentous acknowledgment of our team's contributions toward unlocking a new era of energy efficiency,” said LineVision CEO Hudson Gilmer. “We are proud to play a role in driving the energy transition by offering transformative solutions that not only build grid capacity and reliability but also accelerate the integration of renewables, moving us toward a more sustainable future.”

LineVision’s sensors, software, and methodologies set it apart in the industry, and enable utilities to safely add up to 40% additional transmission line capacity, easing congestion, integrating more renewables. By facilitating the addition of 1,788 GWh of renewable energy to the grid and preventing over 1.2 million MT of CO2 emissions through a pivot from fossil to renewable fuel sources, LineVision underscores its tangible impact in advancing sustainability within the energy sector. 

Winners of the 2023 Platts Global Energy Awards will be announced at a ceremony in New York on December 7th. For more information, contact LineVision at

About LineVision 

LineVision provides electric utilities with the real-time monitoring and analytics needed to accelerate the net-zero grid. LineVision’s patented non-contact sensors collect critical information to unlock additional capacity on existing lines, provide insight into conductor health, and detect anomalies and risks. LineVision’s platform is rapidly deployed at scale without the need for scheduled outages, live line work, or specialized installation equipment. LineVision is helping our utility partners around the world lead the energy transition by increasing the capacity, resilience, and safety of the grid. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.