Press Release December 3rd, 2019

LineVision Launches AC Interference Monitoring Solution to Optimize Corrosion Protection and Safety for Pipeline Operators

PACT remote monitors provide pipeline operators with real-time power flow and AC interference data from high-voltage lines

SOMERVILLE, Mass., – December 3, 2019 – LineVision, Inc., a provider of solutions to monitor, optimize and protect the world’s critical energy delivery infrastructure, today announced its entrance into the pipeline corrosion management space with the release of PACT™. PACT is a remote monitoring tool that helps pipeline operators quantify and manage high voltage AC interference threats, improve field crew safety and comply with industry standards.

LineVision’s patented PACT systems give pipeline operators and AC modelers real-time and historical data on AC line current which is a primary driver of galvanic corrosion. This data is critical to produce accurate AC interference models for optimal design of mitigation systems.

“The accuracy of AC interference studies and the effectiveness of the resulting mitigation program design are directly related to the timeliness and quality of the input data,” says Christophe Baeté, Manager of Corrosion Engineering at Elsyca. “We incorporated PACT data in our IRIS and V-PIMS AC modeling system and see this as an alternative method for validating the effectiveness of existing AC mitigation and monitoring the AC corrosion and safety risks.”

“One of the challenges of AC Mitigation is that pipeline operators are chasing a moving target due to the continual change of power flows on the grid,” said Jonathan Marmillo, Managing Director of LineVision’s PACT business. “PACT helps ensure compliance by continuously monitoring flows and triggering alerts if there are changes to AC loading which pose a risk to field crew safety or asset integrity.”

LineVision’s turnkey PACT solution includes patented remote EMF monitors, full hardware and software support, a secure web portal, datafeed and optional installation services. PACT’s web portal allows corrosion engineers to remotely view and download data from any location or device.

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