Enabling Mass Electrification

Electrification is a major tool in the fight against climate change.

The transition to electrified transportation, factories, and residential heating & cooling are driving significant load growth. To meet the demands of mass electrification, the United States needs to triple grid capacity 3X by 2050, but traditional grid expansion is costly and can take years to complete.


LineVision LineRate Suite

Dynamic Line Ratings

LineRate® Suite

Dynamic Line Ratings (DLRs) are a powerful tool available to utilities to manage mass electrification.

DLRs allow utilities to make better use of their existing infrastructure, adding up to 40% additional capacity to transmission lines in a matter of months while paving the way for broader grid upgrades to support the electrified future.

Success Stories

National Grid

Success Stories



LineVision LUX Datasheet

LineVision LUX Datasheet

The LineVision Difference

The LineVision Difference

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