Enhancing Grid Resilience

Extreme weather creates new challenges for grid operators to ensure reliability and resilience.

Increasingly volatile storms and extreme weather are causing outages and public safety risks. Storm response and N-1 contingencies require detailed visibility of transmission elements, but only 1% are monitored with sensors beyond the substation.


LineVision LineAware

Situational Awareness


LineVision LineHealth

Asset Health


LineVision LineRate Suite

Dynamic Line Ratings

LineRate® Suite

LineVision sensors provide grid operators with visibility and insights into asset health and capacity

LineVision LUX, the industry’s only non-contact sensor, installs on transmission towers rather than on live lines, eliminating the need for outages or live line work. The sensor monitors all phases of power, delivering real-time alerts on sag violations, excessive blowout, and conductor icing. Asset health analytics forecasts conductor end of life and recommended replacements, and in the case of contingency situations, Dynamic Line Ratings provide additional capacity to reroute power to alternative lines.

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LineVision LUX Datasheet

LineVision LUX Datasheet

The LineVision Difference

The LineVision Difference

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