Serving Customer Load

What do data centers, EV battery factories, and domestic manufacturing have in common?

All are massive consumers of electricity and driving demand faster than ever before.

Century-old transmission infrastructure is struggling to meet the 21st century growth patterns, resulting in pinch points on the grid. Data centers, electric vehicle manufacturing plants and industrial facilities face potential hurdles to interconnect to the grid as electricity demands outpace transmission capacity.


LineVision LineRate Suite

Dynamic Line Ratings

LineRate® Suite

Dynamic Line Ratings are a proven tool to help utilities meet demand from critical load growth.

By identifying potential points of congestion and adjusting transmission line ratings based on real-time environmental conditions, up to 40% more electricity can be routed quickly, safely, and more efficiently to serve these growing customers' needs.

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LineVision LUX Datasheet

LineVision LUX Datasheet

The LineVision Difference

The LineVision Difference

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