LineVision's Q3 Newsletter

What’s New?

The past quarter has been a busy one for the LineVision team, marked by growing awareness of the need for transmission capacity, and accelerating industry adoption. Below are highlights from the quarter’s announcements, resources and events. 

Avangrid & NYSEG announced a pilot project with LineVision to unlock additional capacity on its transmission lines for renewable energy in New York using DLR.

Jon Marmillo showing LineVision's sensors to NPR

We launched LineVision LUX, the industry's only non-contact sensor which sets a new standard for utility-grade reliability, safety and performance.

LineVision’s Chief Product Officer, Jon Marmillo, met with NPR’s Julia Simon to share how LineVision’s technology can increase grid capacity and how SMUD is using LineVision’s DLR to monitor critical lines originating from the Upper American River Project hydropower stations.

We released a whitepaper that offers a roadmap for facilitating EV adoption on the grid; the paper argues that utilities, state regulators, and EV charging companies should incorporate Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs) like DLR into planning to ensure the grid is ready for electrification of transportation. 

LineVision joined WIRES, the leading industry group advocating investment in transmission infrastructure to support clean energy integration, grid resilience, and an electrified economy.

We are proud to be partnered with Ulteig to provide utilities with best-in-class engineering and technology solutions.

Finally, we released a case study on National Grid’s DLR Installation in New York. The project expands the capacity of the state’s grid to carry greater amounts of renewables, aiding the state’s goal of 70%  renewable electricity by 2030.

Hudson Gilmer Testifying before the California State Legislature

Regulatory News

LineVision CEO Hudson Gilmer testified at California's Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies to report on how DLR unlocks transmission capacity on existing power lines and can free up bottlenecks on California's grid. 

LineVision Board Member, Phil Giudice, wrote an op-ed on the 1st anniversary of The Inflation Reduction Act, discussing how GETs like DLR can contribute to our net-zero goals.

ICYMI - Industry Events

Hilary Pearson and Jon Marmillo on Capital Hi

LineVision's Regulatory & Policy expert, Hilary Pearson joined WATT Coalition’s virtual panel discussion on the federal policies, programs, and incentives that support the deployment of GETs in the U.S. 

Jon Marmillo and Hilary Pearson were in Capitol Hill at the GridWise Alliance's Grid Innovation Expo - demonstrating the public benefits of DLR to members of Congress.

At T&D World LIVE, Hilary Pearson joined a GETs solution provider panel covering technologies and solutions optimizing the existing grid and meeting generation challenges.

LineVision's Sr. Director of Operations, Ana Rudico, shared LineVision's expertise and knowledge in Bogota, Colombia on how DLR can solve today's grid challenges, during an event organized by the Comite de Transmission.

Hilary Pearson spoke at the IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting with a panel of ISO/RTOs and Utilities, providing insight on FERC Order 881 and the implementation of advanced line ratings. 

LineVision’s CTO, Tim Stelzer, spoke at Microsoft's Redmond HQ with other Microsoft Climate Fund Portfolio companies discussing collective action to decarbonize the grid. 

Team Updates

Our Summer Intern/Coop Cohort

LineVision has a rapidly growing internship program where interns work on engaging projects for the summer or the semester. The program spans data science, hardware, software, analytics, operations, and more teams across the company. We are proud of what our interns have accomplished and look forward to what they bring in their future as innovators in energy!

Thank you for your continued support. At LineVision, we are passionate about accelerating the net zero grid, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming months.

Best regards, 

The LineVision Team