LineVision is on Medium!

LineVision is on Medium!

Throughout the past couple of years, you’ve heard a lot about LineVision’s growth and our role in helping utilities build a more modern and resilient power grid, while accelerating their path to a net zero grid. We’re thrilled to have forged partnerships with some of the largest utilities in the world and have drawn attention to the importance of our work and we couldn’t be happier about that. Though, we wanted to be able to find a vehicle to let you know a little bit more about us — who we are, what we aspire to and how we view the industry we operate in. It doesn’t escape us that we’re dealing with some pretty impactful stuff and we’re passionate about that work. We’d like to share that passion with you.

This will be the first of what we hope will be many entries on a variety of topics. Expect us to expand on the issues affecting the energy transition and energy delivery. Whether climate change and its effect on the grid, or how we’re working with utilities to help them better understand the true capability of their transmission lines to confidently add renewable energy capacity, we’d like to inspire discussion on what we think is one of the most important issues the world faces.

Or maybe we’ll just post some thoughts on what it’s like going to Fenway Park on a team outing.

Either way, we look forward to sharing news, updates and our thoughts on a variety of topics associated with our mission and our team empowering that mission.

More soon!

Published by George Katilus, Marketing Associate at LineVision