LineVision's 2023 - An Electric Year

2023 was a pivotal year for the grid. Accelerating load growth, record interconnection queues,  and skyrocketing congestion costs have highlighted the urgency to expand transmission capacity. In parallel, Grid Enhancing Technologies continue to prove a key tool for rapidly expanding capacity on the existing grid. 

2023 was also a banner year for LineVision. Installations more than doubled over 2022, key partnerships were announced, and we continued to enhance the platform’s quality, security, and performance. The pace of adoption is accelerating, and we are thrilled to be partnered with leading utilities worldwide on ever-larger, more impactful projects. 

Record Installs

This year, AES and LineVision completed the largest DLR installation in the world to boost grid capacity for one of their key commercial customers. LineVision also announced projects with NY Transco to monitor + protect new transmission assets and Avangrid to integrate renewables in New York. In total, LineVision completed installations across 13 US states and 3 countries. These projects advance the net zero grid by increasing renewable energy integration, allowing the connection of large C&I customers, alleviating grid congestion, and ensuring that transmission investments are protected. 

Innovative, Secure Solutions

We launched LineVision LUX, the industry's only non-contact sensor, which sets a new standard for utility-grade reliability, safety, and performance. We also achieved ISO 27001 certification, validating our commitment to protecting our customers’ sensitive data and upholding the industry’s highest data security standards.g

On the Road!

Our team participated in 34 Industry events this year and was honored to share our expertise through 23 speaking engagements around the world. 

Our regulatory and technical experts published 3 white papers; Charging Up the Grid: Preparing Utility Infrastructure for the Electrification of Transportation, Reducing Low Carbon Generation Curtailment with DLR on the England and Wales Transmission System, and Navigating Uncertainties in Dynamic Line Rating Estimation which won the CIGRE Grid of the Future (GOTF) 2023 NGN Paper Competition!


LineVision was named a Gigacorn - a company that will mitigate over 1B tons of GHG emissions with a valuation exceeding $1B. We were also named one of the Best Places to Work in Boston. Finally, a joint project with National Grid in the UK was awarded the Eason Award for Digital Innovation by The Institute of Asset Management. 

Key Partnerships

We announced partnerships with AES and Ultieg. Additionally, we joined WIRES to advocate for continued investment and innovation in the transmission grid. 

LineVision welcomed three new board members, Phil Giudice, Kevin Kimsa, and Francis O’Sullivan, who bring deep experience in climate policy, finance, and energy innovation. We also welcomed Brian Janous, the former VP of Energy at Microsoft, to the Advisory Board. 

The Team Behind it All

The LineVision team grew by 50% in 2023, attracting talented and diverse industry professionals with a passion for accelerating the net zero grid. We grew our vibrant Boston hub, opened a new office in Boulder, CO, and extended our internship program to four universities. 

What’s Ahead?

We are proud of the progress made in 2023 and grateful for the support of our customers, friends, and partners. But our work has just begun. 

As we start the new year, we will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to address their biggest challenges - unlocking grid capacity and flexibility to enable load growth, integrating renewables, reducing congestion, and increasing grid resilience. 

We are excited about what we will accomplish together in 2024 on the path to a dynamic and optimized grid.