Impact Statement

LineVision LUX on tower in field

LineVision is positively impacting and contributing toward the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Four ways in which we make an impact are:

Affordable & Clean Energy

Using LineVision’s Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) in electric grid system operations allows for the true maximum capacity of the transmission system to be utilized which reduces congestion costs for consumers and curtailment of renewable generation. Furthermore, DLR can significantly reduce the time and cost of interconnecting new renewable generation projects to the grid. A recent Brattle Group study showed that DLR and Grid Enhancing Technologies more than double the amount of renewables that can be connected to the grid, resulting in significant consumer and environmental benefits.



Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Our electric transmission grid uses monitoring technologies for nearly all major components such as transformers and circuit breakers, yet, less than 1% of the overhead transmission lines have any type of monitoring on them. This means that grid operations are “flying blind” and do not know the true conditions of the conductors that connect the substations and all too frequently have negative climate and public safety impacts. LineVision’s innovative, sensor-based technology monitors all phases of the overhead conductors providing real-time measurements of sag, blowout, conductor temperature, icing, and galloping to allow for operators to be alerted when potentially dangerous system conditions exist so proactive measures can be taken to ensure reliability and public safety.

Climate Action

By unlocking up to 40% additional capacity on existing lines, LineVision is dramatically reducing the curtailment of renewable generation and lowering the time and cost to connect new renewable generation to the grid. This technology is one of the highest impact solutions for GHG reduction, mitigating over 2.5 gigatons of carbon emissions as deployments scale worldwide.



Partnerships for the Goals

LineVision is committed to the success of its stakeholders, including employees and investors. A core value is ownership, meaning that all employees have a stake in the company - both figuratively and literally. We are constantly striving to create an environment which is strengthened by diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, and is inclusive and welcoming to all team members.

To maximize our impact and honor our mission requires financial strength and the ability to continue delivering attractive returns to our investors as we grow.

Impact Statement from Hudson Gilmer, CEO

LineVision is committed to enabling the clean energy transition by equipping our utility partners with innovative monitoring and analytics solutions that improve the capacity, resilience, and safety of the grid. In implementing our mission to accelerate the net zero grid, we work to maximize our impact on people, the climate, and our stakeholders.

Whether the startlingly vivid impact of climate change, geopolitical disruption, or the inspiring rise of social justice, the world is facing generational change. And while governments and social institutions have important roles to play in ensuring a path to a better world, businesses have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to be the agents of that change. But, seizing that opportunity requires taking meaningful action.

At LineVision, we take pride that our team of talented, forward-looking employees are playing a central role in making the change we so desperately need. Responding to the urgent crisis of climate change, the LineVision team set out to modernize our aged and congested power grid, which stands as the greatest impediment to the clean energy transition we so deeply require. As the world continues to build cleaner power resources, it demands a transmission grid that has the capacity and resilience to integrate large-scale renewable energy into the grid safely, flexibly, quickly, and economically. LineVision allows operators to achieve this.

At LineVision, we don’t merely talk about change, we’re empowering it. If we are to truly meet the ambitious demands of the energy transition and the climate goals which inspired it, we need to create a net zero power grid. And we’re working with global utility leaders around the world to do just that.

We researched, designed, and developed an advanced non-contact sensor platform that continuously monitors the behavior of the transmission system, detects anomalies, and issues real-time alerts on risks, proving we can safely add additional capacity on existing lines where and when it’s most needed. We can, in effect, double the integration of renewables on the existing grid - and right now.

Utilizing more renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels has broad positive impacts on the communities we serve. Carbon-based generation is frequently located near frontline communities which bear the heaviest burden in terms of air quality and health impacts. By bringing more renewable energy projects on the grid, our work directly supports clean air and water, improving health outcomes and equity.

As change makers in creating a net zero grid, we are committed to facilitating a workforce and culture of inclusion that reflects the realities of the global communities we serve. And we look forward to expanding on that mission in the years to come.

Hudson Gilmer, CEO, LineVision